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The prices for installing an earthing systems could greatly vary, basically depending on your actual need and the place you live. Notice that an earthing system use copper clads, also known as earth rods, as their main foundation. Copper is considered a semi-precious metal, which has a dynamic price.

Other many mineral-based manufactured products are used in the installation. Quantities of copper cable used also vary depending on the design of the earthing system. The type of installation will be determined according to the necessities and the characteristic of the electric system installed.

Therefore, for the installation is needed a group of highly skilled professionals. This isn’t a simple, ordinary job. Installing an earthing system is a complex process, where the factors should be studied before. Well-known companies in the industry, like Earthmet, recommend to look after professionals with a reliable background.

A bad installation can have serious consequences and could be even dangerous. So do not be cheap when it comes about workforce and intellectual projection of the system. The team you should will study the case and determine the best scenario of your electric installation.

Being said this, is almost impossible to determine the pricing without knowing the magnitude of the system and its complexity.

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